I am the Pumpkin King!, Haha!

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I am the Pumpkin King!, Haha!

Post  Zak The Pumpkin King on Thu May 06, 2010 5:52 am

Hello, Everyone, I am Zak. Im known on the SB game as Zak The Pumpkin King, Im lvl 1000 on the game. And No I dont have edit stats. Im the Official Artist of the game. Making art for the website etc.

If you wish to see my Art feel free to drop by at here: http://pro-master-gamer.deviantart.com/

Im 15, I actually got a shit load of fans. Like of my work, Such as me art etc. And the reason I joined SB is because GM and SG begged me to come and draw Artwork for there game so yeah. Im Here xD

Zak The Pumpkin King
Official Sonic blitz artist
Official Sonic blitz artist

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